Are your online and offline business marketing aligned?>

Posted by Jason Boxall 29-Jun-16

If not, they should be. Ensuring brand consistency across all channels is vital for brand engagement, campaign success and bottom line growth. Many businesses invest in the latest digital technology but then fail to align their offline marketing collateral, missing a large chunk of their target market. So even if your new website or digital marketing campaign is generating fantastic results, don’t forget those in your target market who base their purchase decision on other marketing collateral or calls to action through more traditional forms.

Keep it Personal

If your business operates in the events or retail market space and most of your new business or networking activity is done by talking to people face to face, it is crucial to align your marketing follow up tactics with the same tone of voice, personal touch and familiarity to keep prospects engaged. Put simply, we love this quote from a recent Forbes article “Unfortunately, some marketers are still dropping the ball when it comes to aligning their online and offline content marketing tactics. They tend to put all their effort into organizing an event and only really connect with their audience for the short time that audience is with them in person. But when marketers do that, they’re missing out on the chance to develop a true long-term relationship with their event attendees. To scale that relationship, you’ve got to use online tactics to keep them engaged when they aren’t with you offline”.

Build Relationships That Last

Looking at the way our clients engage with their target markets, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way customers behave and make purchase decisions in the past year alone. Whilst digital marketing is a vital limb to the marketing mix, it has created a platform that has become overcrowded, creating too much noise in the marketplace which has left customers wanting a more personal and targeted engagement approach. PURLs, personalised email and segmented marketing campaigns offer a great way for businesses to overcome this challenge but we also need to be mindful of the external environment and how the demands and behaviours of customer markets are changing. We are already starting to see a return in relationship marketing, with businesses realising that customer loyalty, upselling and retention of reliable clients are where the money and business growth lies, with happy customers being more likely to engage and respond to marketing campaigns, refer business to their contacts and act as brand ambassadors to a business they trust and already use themselves.

Reward Loyal Customers

Word of mouth has, and always will be one of the most effective methods of marketing. A business loyalty scheme (whether digital or offline) is a great way to reward loyal customers and grow your business into new markets through powerful, third party referrals. Our personalised marketing tools can be tailored to your business, reaching out to your clients at the right time using the right channel to win you new business and reinforce client relationships using your existing clients as your new sales force.


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